Lorde says she's been going "non-stop" since The Grammy's and needs a break! She has postponed the Australian leg of he tour TFN.


    In the meantime her new song "Tennis Court" is ON FIRE. Listen now.

    You are going to freak out about the latest rumors about Miley Cyrus.


    Who is her new "FWB?" Read on my friends.

    Demi Lovatto is naturally beautiful and she proves it!


    Her latest no make-up Instrgram pic is on point.

    We still love "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry, but a little humor never hurt anyone.


    If you don't LOL therer might be something wrong with your funny bone.

    Katy Perry scared the crap outta a bunch of 5-year-olds.


    Secret cameras caught it all! Watch the video and judge.

    Taylor Swift attended a showcase put on by Ingrid Michelson in New York.


    Tay Tay tweeted during the show "she is magical."